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"Learn and Earn" Night

The Flip School would like to extend an invitation for a fundraising opportunity to your PTO. By sponsoring your school’s “Learn and Earn Night” we are willing to return up to 50% of the proceeds to your PTO to help you achieve your fundraising goals.  We believe that all kids should be able to learn new skills and have fun being active; the bonus is it’s a fundraiser for you!

We look forward to sponsoring a “Learn and Earn Night” at our 4,600 square foot gymnasium whereby your students can come have fun and learn new acrobatic skills while earning money for your cause.  We will provide 2 1-hour time slots for your school; one hour Kindergarten-2nd grade and one hour 3rd-5th grade.  Both groups will be capped at 20 kids unless prior modifications are set up.  The cost is $10 per participant as well as providing a signed dual-waiver.  Your proceeds, per group, will look as follows:

10 kids or less 30% return to you

11-15 kids =40% return to you

16-20 kids=50% return to you

If this is something that your school and PTO are interested in, please contact us at (720)548-0878 or to find some dates when we can host this event for you.  The more advance notice you can provide us, the more time you will have for marketing and the better fundraiser it will prove to be.  Likewise, if this is a success and you would like to set up more dates in the future, we would love that as well.